D igital Consult Limited provides professional, result-driven services in the areas of Trade Consultancy, Debt Recovery and Investment Advisory Services Digital Consult Limited is a Nigerian based consultancy that provides corporations with strategic counsel and support for their operations, communications and public affairs programs a private consultancy operating on behalf of major international companies for more than 15 years an established leader in providing services to individual investors and international companies seeking to establish or extend opportunities in Nigeria armed with a successful track record based in the application of sound and ethical practices aimed at recovering debt and / or assets for its clients at a reasonable cost dedicated to excellence and customer service, our primary focus is corporate delinquency at any point in the collection cycle including both litigated and non-litigated accounts Digital Consult Limited is a company established and organized under the laws of Nigeria Our goal is to produce results while preserving your reputation

Managing Director

Mr. Abubakar G. Mujeli is Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Consult Limited. Mr. Mujeli has extensive experience in debt collection and advising on the preparation of bids for Tenders, Monitoring and Execution of Contracts. Mr. Mujeli helps clients develop strategies to improve business ventures and identifies risk areas in its systems and develops strategies to mitigate them. Mr. Mujeli also has strong skills in finance and can advise in budget and budgetary control of your organization.

Trade Consultancy Services

Provides to both public and private clients with professional services aimed at assisting individuals or commercial enterprises at various stages in the trade cycle with the objective of reducing the burden of administrative procedures in the import and export processes in Nigeria We aim to reduce uncertainty in the import / export process We aim to minimize the administrative burden that raises the cost of doing business in Nigeria
Time is money and our job is to save you both
Some of the services available include:

  • Advice on ascertaining the true Customs value for imports and exports
  • Benchmark price applications where they exist
  • Determination or review of the tariff headings
  • Bonded Warehouses, free zone applications
  • Special Import Regimes
  • Inward and outward processing applications
  • Benefit from simplified transactions, processes related to acquisition of the approved person and exporter status
  • Supply of binding tariff and certificate of origin

Debt Recovery Services

Provides to both public and private clients debt collection services aimed at the pursuance and ultimate collection of legitimate delinquent debt owed to the client in an effective but ethical manner.

We are dedicated to increasing the rate of recovery for our clients through professional and ethical means, thereby preserving our clients goodwill and our reputation for integrity and adding value for our clients

Some of the services available include:

  • Special Import regimes
  • Inward and outward processing applications
  • Supply of tariff and certificate of origin
  • Trade regulation application and research on variety of topics including but not limited to classification, valuation, country of origin determination, origin marking and labelling, special duty programs, OGA issues, Customs, admissibility concerns, import and export compliance issues, post entry, etc.
  • BTS is also requested by customers to consult on a particular project or compliance manual and provide opinions, policy and procedure and establish best practices within the Nigerian environment

Investment Advisory Services

Supports the Nigerian Government’s efforts to attract serious foreign direct investment into the country.
Maintains experts who can assist clients in taking advantage of existing incentives to foster the development of particular industries to encourage firms to locate in Nigeria and to promote research and development. Goes a step further to assist clients in the tendering process and facilitation of proposals in both the public and private sectors

Some of the services available include:

  • No fee consultation with prospective clients
  • Personalized investment strategies aimed at easing the flow of investment into Nigeria
  • Advice and guidance in the Nigeria tendering process
  • Assist clients with the recovery of outstanding fees for services rendered
  • Assist in the promotion of the client’s services and in the presentation of bids
  • Advise company during the negotiation of contracts with the Government
  • Marketing and public relations to raise the profile of the company in Nigeria and to ensure integrity of the company image
  • Planning and arranging meetings between client and governmental organizations
  • Support the company in all technical, logistical, legal and administrative matters in relation to the clients’ existing or future contracts with the Government

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